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Reasons for Vehicle Wrapping


The colour & texture finishes available from 3M, Hexis and Arlon are numerous. Not only are some the options 'non factory', they are also unobtainable by painting. If, after time, you feel the need for a new finish then we can remove and replace wrap as required. Please feel free to drop by and eyeball the swatches...seeing is believing!


The cost of wrapping your vehicle is considerably less than painting. We can professionally wrap your vehicle giving a life expectancy of 3 - 8 years depending on vinyl chosen.


Wrapping provides a certain amount of protection to the original factory paintwork. This, in turn, will increase the resale value of your vehicle should you decide to sell your vehicle and have Tiger Tint remove the wrap. 


Time is increasingly important to all of us so please bear in mind that we can transform your vehicle with a full wrap in as little as two days. Comparing this with the time required to prep and paint is a 'no brainer".


Again, time comes into the equation. Save time on waxing your vehicle by a simple hand wash using soap and water. Greasy marks are easily removed using a microfiber cloth and partial alcohol solution.

Detail Work

Even if you are not looking for a full wrap, we can work on certain parts such as bonnet only, mirrors, vents, interior parts etc. The Carbon Fibre finish is very popular for this type of install.