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Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle wrapping at Tiger Tint & Wrap Christchurch
Your new vehicle is vulnerable to damage the minute you drive it off the lot. Traditional methods of protecting your car’s paint, such as bras and bug shields, can actually cause further damage, are unsightly and obscure the color brilliance you were originally aiming to protect.

Avery Dennison - Supreme Wrapping Film

3M Vehicle WrappingAn easier, faster, and flexible way to change the color of your car. Every automobile is a potential canvas. Many drivers treat their cars as a high-speed form of self-expression, and fleet vehicles look best with a uniform aesthetic.

Custom paint colors can look fantastic, but they're also costly and time consuming. Avery Dennison® Supreme Wrapping Film as a simple, fast and cost-effective way for drivers and businesses to accent, update, or completely alter the appearance of a vehicle's finish—while protecting the original paint job from chips and wear.

With Supreme Wrapping Film, drivers can give their car a dazzling (and temporary) metallic finish, and fleet owners can obtain a consistent presentation for all their vehicles. This Avery Dennison automotive product fits like a second skin over any car's curves and contours.

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3M Vehicle WrappingCreate a look that says you set your own course with 3M Wrap Film Series 1080. Choose from a variety of finishes, textures and colors that offer a unique, head-turning look.

3M is a leader, not a follower, and we’re passionate about offering you the most innovative vehicle personalization products.

Trust your wrap to the 3M brand promise of quality, reliability, service and warranty. Being best-in-class demands it.


Hexis PVC Vehicle Wrapping FilmHEXIS S.A. is a leading European manufacturer of self-adhesive vinyl (PVC) films and digital printing media for large format inkjet printing used for sign making and vehicle marking.

The company specializes in pressure-sensitive adhesive coating thin plastic films and pioneered their own process to produce high performance cast vinyl films.

The products, distributed in rolls of different widths and lengths, are sold worldwide in over 40 countries. They are intended for professional signage, vehicle marking, visual communication and surface protection.

Arlon Ultimate PremiumPlus™

Arlon Ultimate PremiumPlus Extreme WrapUltimate PremiumPlus™ Extreme Wrap Finishes is an ultra-conformable cast automotive restyling color change film. The multi-layer film is constructed with a premium clear protective coating to provide exceptional conformability even on deep recesses and channels.

This best performing color change film now includes Automotive-X Technology allowing installers the benefit of a bubble-free installation while maintaining a paint-like finish. The repositionable and clean removing pressure-sensitive adhesive completes the perfect solution for automotive restyling.

Extreme Wrap Finishes are available in 60-inch widths for a one-piece seamless application on hoods, roofs and side panels. Customizing a vehicle body color has never been easier.