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Reasons to Choose PPF

Protect your paint

No one wants to drive around in a car marked with scratches, bird droppings or sun spots. Clear paint protection film also protects your paint job from vandalism and will protect the front impact zone of a car from any rocks or stones that hit the front.


Unfortunately we all have to expose our cars to the elements if we want to drive them anywhere.  Protection film safeguards your paint job, giving you peace of mind.

No more waxing!

A beautiful just-waxed shine makes any car look good but it doesn’t last. Paint protection film will add a crystal shine to your car like a good wax job and it will last much longer than wax as well.

Safeguard your car’s value

Your car’s value is affected by its running condition and its exterior appearance. When your car looks good, you feel good driving it and you will be able to get the best price for it should you choose to sell.  Paint protection film shows how much you value your car.

When you consider paint protection film for your car, we have several affordable options available. Find out more here.